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Soon we will be offering a platform designed just for Commission Junction it is currently under construction and should be released within 90 days.

  Our Advertising Network Second To None!

Our advertising platform is currently showing advertisements on tens of thousands of web pages everyday and it is growing by the thousands every week. This network was designed with the affiliate marketer in mind as with all of our platforms. We are owned by Web Promotion Systems LLC and it is the platform where all of our advertisements are generated from.

Most advertising platforms that exist today are very similar on how they operate,costs of ads,type of ads, and so on well we are different in almost every aspect the most important difference is simply our rate of growth.

As we have said many times in our web pages and our marketing platforms is all tied together as a single system that is vast and it is because of this our growth rate is exponential! It was laid out and designed this way from the beginning it does not matter what you are advertising our platform will make your advertisements seen we guarantee this 100%.

Types Of Advertising We Use

  • Banners (any size)
  • Text ads (Google style every configuration and size)
  • Text + image ads (Facebook style)
  • Videos
  • Full page ads
  • Page peel ads
  • Popup and popunders
  • Sticky ads bar
  • TakeOver ads
  • Multiple DHTML ad types: Virtual pages, Slide in, News style, Complete page
  • RSS Feeds (This is new no one offers this it's very powerful)
  • And much more .......

    All of the above methods are 100% editable by the user in every way and as a bonus you can market and use our system and start your own advertising network and YOU keep 90% of all the profits.You are in full control we have built a special site where as a member you can instantly start selling ads across our entire network and you also have all the advertising and promotion tools you will ever need.

How Can We Make These Claims?

Rather than go into a long written explanation of entire platform we put a short video together which will not only explain it but will show you exactly why we can make these claims. Once you see for yourself in a actual demonstration in the video link below we already know you will be another WOW testimonial!

Affiliate Marketing Poll

100% Pro-actively Envisioned
80% Objectively Innovated
45% Portal-led
35% Done

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