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Soon we will be offering a platform designed just for Commission Junction it is currently under construction and should be released within 90 days.

  Amazon Affiliate System

Currently our Amazon system is in the middle of being modified to make it as simple as possible for the end user. Also we have committed two dedicated servers to the Amazon platform this is to insure lightning fast load times for the people who will visit the sites. At this time the platform is finished but we are in testing it to make sure that the search engines have no issues with the built in SEO that our system automatically incorporates into every page. We will not release any product to the public that has not been thoroughly tested for natural search engine rankings as well as smooth operation. This system is built around PHP7.2 on up that will be required almost all hosting company's have this and most run it by default.

But we can mention a few things about our Amazon system below we think you would be interested in.

  • You will not need a database our platform instantly creates one for you when you become a member. This is the only platform we are offering that requires a data base but we had programmers make it so it's all automatic with a click of a button.

  • No need to import products all you need is keywords if you have lets say 1000 keywords then with a click of the mouse you will have 1000 web pages!

  • The system is closely related to the Open Cart platform which is a very professional layout the latest in technology and modern design.

  • You have complete control over your pages built you can edit them if you wish add things and take things out it's up to you.

  • Much more on this system will be in a video presentation below when this system is released bookmark this page this is something you will not want to miss.

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