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Soon we will be offering a platform designed just for Commission Junction it is currently under construction and should be released within 90 days.

  Article Platform

We use articles in a way that makes articles very useful again in the past everyone abused article directory's they would submit articles full of links and many times the articles that were submitted were submitted to hundreds of article directory's so it was all duplicate content which is very bad for the search engines. All the search engines simply removed these sites from their search results. Also I would like to note that a lot of the blogging platforms out there today that have plugins for auto content submissions are basically doing what the article directory's were doing years ago and the search engines are starting to take notice.

Without giving away our trade secrets on how exactly our article directory functions I am allowed to mention a few things on this subject I have listed them below.

  • 100% guarantee that you will never find duplicate content and what you read will actually make sense unlike some of the scripts out there that rewrite articles on the fly.

  • Our article platform is tied into almost all of our affiliate advertising and promotion platforms but done in a way that promotes your pages via RSS feeds that are used in many ways other than content.

  • It is tied in with our search engine that tells our advertising and promotion system certain ads to create and inject into the entire network which will enable YOU as a member to sell ads in the network and keep 90% of all the profits while at the same time expanding your internet exposure with every ad you sell. Basically we are giving you a full blown business without you even having to go through any programming or development cost.

  • Your advertising business will not need publishers just people who want to advertise on the platform and we will make sure you get plenty of business you will have a internet business contained in your affiliate sites by default if you use this system! It is 100% no charge it is part of the marketing tools we will be giving away all you need is a domain and hosting which we will provide the hosting if needed.

We will tell you this is something that has never been done before in how we are making this platform do what it can do for a more in depth explanation simply watch the video below and see for yourself why we are so excited about this marketing system.

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