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Soon we will be offering a platform designed just for Commission Junction it is currently under construction and should be released within 90 days.

  Our Clickbank Affiliate Platform

If you have been around affiliate marketing at all chances are good you have heard of Clickbank they are one of the top affiliate platforms on the internet today. How they work is if you were to start your own online business you would put a sales page together and list it in Clickbank then people will look through their system and pick the products they want to sell and yours could be one of them. Then when they make a sale they would get a commission from the sale so for example if your product sells for $29.95 and they make a sale and lets say they get 15% of the sale price you would make a $4.50 commission from that sale.

Of course their are thousands of products to choose from and many pay a much higher commission there a lot's of marketers that are making thousands of dollars a month from Clickbank as a affiliate promoting their products. Mainly they sell a lot of Ebooks on about everything as well as software and various other products along the same lines.

 Our Clickbank Marketing Strategy

We offer a all new method of being a affiliate with Clickbank you see in Clickbank you choose what items you want to market out of thousands then you have to get your affiliate link for each and everyone of them this could take quite a long time. Then from there you are going to have to market the item in the traditional ways by purchasing ads and emailing, and writing sales pages most of the time ect....

Well our platform is the best available below we list just a few of the many reasons why.

  • Our system instantly makes you a affiliate of every Clickbank product in their database in seconds ask yourself how long would it take you to join over 50.000 affiliate programs?

  • All the affiliate web pages that are selling the product in Clickbank are put into our search engine then from there our system will build and optimize every single affiliate listing in Clickbank with your id embedded in them then build you a great directory with everything listed on YOUR domain.

  • But our system isn't finished almost at the same time every single item in Clickbank you are instantly a affiliate of now our system builds you a web page for each affiliate program in Clickbank every single one.

  • All the web pages built are unique text using over 70 % of the original sales page that was supplied to you from Clickbank and all these pages are built on your domain and indexed by the search engines!

  • Imagine having over 35.000 (On Average) web pages trickled into the search engines over a 3 month period this must be done slow so not to spam the search engines remember these are html web pages not php generated web pages. And this system even goes further than everything listed above!

You want to see the best Clickbank marketing platform in action please watch the video below once you do we know you will want to become a member of this system.

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