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Ebay Promotion System

If your a affiliate of Ebay we have a system that is THE BEST AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET !
Have you joined Ebay as a affiliate and now you are wondering how you are going to promote the items that are for sale? Sure their are scripts out there online for sale but the real truth is they were just thrown together by programmers they are not search engine friendly you might get the home page in the search engines but really that's about it.

Frankly those thrown together scripts are a waste of time and money and this includes most of the Wordpress plugins you see the reason why I am saying this is simply because everyone uses them and this is being noticed by the search engines. Also for most people starting out the learning curve can be very difficult then you have to worry about SEO issues and the lists goes on and on.

Our Ebay marketing system is very different from all the others you simply click one button and your finished yes that's right it is that simple! All the SEO work is done instantly as well as everything involved in promoting Ebay products no finding exact items to list or building web pages or hunting down and purchasing plugins like we said it is so easy a child can do it!

Why Is Our Ebay System So Much Better?

All the Ebay platforms that are for sale on the net today have one major flaw which is when someone visits the site what they see is the home page that's it! And this is what the search engines see as well so as a result for the most part you end up only having one page made to be able to find your website.

Now we understand that a lot of the search engines can and do index any and all links on the main page this is a good thing however in doing so it can create a LOT of problems let me explain...

As you can see above you only have one web page and no keyword rich urls if you are looking to get search engine traffic to this site above FORGET IT NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. If you want to see what this site looks like follow this link

Now below is a image of OUR Ebay system and I can assure you in mere seconds I could have made these sites by the tens of thousands!

As you can plainly see above each item has it's own unique keyword phrase or better known as log tail keyword phrase and each one is it's OWN unique web page! Also we made it so you can edit each page in seconds or multiple pages at once. And what's even better is that the content gets updated weekly or by weekly on each page also great for the search engines.

We provide the tools to get these keyword phrases for Ebay and how many web pages you you build as many as you want to once we did a experiment and inserted over 12.000 keyword phrases into the system! The result was it built 12.000 individual web pages all with our Ebay affiliate id in them all different products in about 30 seconds!

Can you imagine just how much internet presence that gives you once the search engines start picking them up! Or course we had to throttle this back some. You gather your list of keywords insert them into the platform and the system will build them 100 pages every two weeks up to 5000 pages!

This is necessary so the search engines don't flag you as spam not to mention that you could easily fill up your hosting account to the limit in seconds! Now imagine this lets say we have a mere 200 members each builds 5000 web pages and YOUR ads will rotate over all of the members web pages 24x7 with YOUR affiliate id embedded in the advertisements. We are not talking just banners we offer it ALL any and all types of advertising you have ever seen we have and you get to use all the advertising promotion platform as a member for the cost of nothing!

Also all of our systems listed in the upper left of this site function the same way not only will you be making money from your own affiliation with the affiliate programs you join, You will become a advertising empire you see we enable you as a user to sell advertising across the entire network!

Want to know more about this all new amazing system we guarantee you have never seen anything like it anywhere. Watch this short video so you can see it in action for yourself and use the contact link below to be put on the list. This way you will be notified of any and all developments this is important.

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