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Soon we will be offering a platform designed just for Commission Junction it is currently under construction and should be released within 90 days.

  Terms & Conditions

Our terms are very simple being that all of our platforms are based and designed around natural search engine listings it will take up to 90 days (Usually 45 to 60 days) for your pages our system creates to start placing in natural search engine results. Because of this unique system that is promoting affiliate web pages we ask that you give our platform at least 60 days to start producing actual search engine placements of your affiliate web pages.

Please remember at the same time all of your ads will be inserted into our parent company which is Web Promotion Systems this is full use at no charge to any of our members that are using any of our affiliate promotion platforms. Your ads will be shown over thousands of web pages all over the internet scattered across hundreds of domains this in itself is worth the cost of using any of our platforms.

Also it is important to follow our instructions in the use of any of our systems which will be included in short video presentations and also in the members area. If you have any questions please feel free to send us a email and we will respond within a few hours.

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